Bear Creek Winery & Lodging Scenery v1.0 by Mike Woolsey
for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Alaska Bush Scenery For FS2004.


This scenery was derived from an actual Winery in Homer, Alaska. The scenery features Winery Suites overlooking Glacier and Kachemak Bay Views. The main Bear Creek Lodge sits just up from the suites along side the Winery & Vineyard. Random deer wander about' the area, as Lago FSE sounds and objects dress up the area even more. The Vineyard features and interchangeable season BGL files to show the hearth of grapes in different seasons, and features a water sprinkler system for the Vineyard. An easy to read PDF install guide is included with pictorials. Email address is in the install guide if you have any questions. You can also get support from the Harrier Panels Team at: Enjoy!!! Airport Code: BCWL



Download 3.63 MB


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